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De-identification around the World – IAPP Privacy, Security, Risk 2015

I will be presenting on De-identification around the World, at the Privacy, Security, Risk 2015, presented by the IAPP Privacy Academy and CSA Congress, in Las Vegas, on October 1, 2015. My co-panelists are Phil Lee, Head of US Office, Fieldfisher and Andrew Reiskind, Deputy CPO, MasterCard. All around the world, personal information is defined in a wide […] Read more

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New publication on “Anonymization and Risk”

Two great U.S. privacy academics, Ira Rubinstein and Woodrow Hartzog, have released last week their article on anonymization and risk. They articulate the view that perfect anonymization of data sets has failed and that although the process of protecting individuals in shared information remains integral to privacy practice and policy, there is no clear direction for policy. Data protection […] Read more

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How “Private” are Facebook Profiles?

I recently published a blog post on the topic of Is taking someone’s picture in public breaching their privacy? I have since received many questions pertaining to whether using or publishing someone’s Facebook profile information could be considered as breaching their privacy. Facebook users post information and pictures about themselves and their loved ones as […] Read more


Federal Court certifies privacy class action in the Marijuana case

It was announced yesterday that the Federal Court of Canada has certified the privacy class-action lawsuit involving 40,000 people which pertains to the medical marijuana access program. The case was launched in 2013 after Health Canada sent letters to people with the program’s name on the envelope. The envelope containing the letter explicitly identified the “Marihuana Medical Access Program” in […] Read more

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Top five mistakes when drafting website privacy policies

Many organizations remain very broad in their website privacy policies on the use made of the information collected. Recent bill S-4, the Digital Privacy Act, the federal government’s latest attempt to reform PIPEDA was proclaimed last month and proposes a revised “valid consent” provision (PIPEDA, s. 6.1), by shifting from a subjective standard to a more objective standard. To […] Read more